Butter making – Masterclass

Food prices are creeping up all the time. I try to make sure we eat well at the lowest possible cost, so with that in mind here is my guide on how to make your own butter at home. It is so easy and you get a better product for less money. Please have a go yourselves.

How to make butter:

Basically you take double cream and shake/agitate/beat the bejesus out of it. To see this working on a small scale, grab a clean jam jar and half fill with double cream, then shake it for a very long time. Eventually the lump of butter will form and the buttermilk will separate out. This is great for kids to do and also a free arm workout! Bye bye bingo wings!

I make mine in the food mixer like this:

Using the beater, pour double cream at room temp into the mixing bowl. (It doesn’t matter if it is still chilled but it will take longer to split)


Beat fast until you get to thick cream stage the lower the speed as you go past this. Most home cooks will have had the experience of over whipping cream, where it starts to separate. We need to go past that for butter.


Keep going! Use a clean tea towel to cover the mixing bowl. This is a messy job, I always make a mess so don’t panic.

When the butter is ready it will stick to the beater like this.


Then you get your hands in a gather up the butter and use a clean tea towel or muslin cloth to wrap the solid butter in and squeeze out as much milk as you can.


Sprinkle in some salt if you want to and the squidge it around a bit before forming the butter into blocks.

Wrap in greaseproof paper and store in the fridge. It won’t have the same shelf life (2 – 3 weeks) as the mass produced stuff so don’t make too much. This is because you probably won’t be able to get out as much butter milk as a factory machine can.

The Cost:

Today (17/10/2017) I bought the double cream on reduced price/short date at £2.40 for 1500 ml. You should get around half the weight of butter to the volume of cream used, so a large 600 ml pot will make approx 300 g of butter.


I made 800 g of butter. Which works out at 75p per 250 g.


English butter 250 g today costs £1.45 Tesco, £1.40 Ocado, £1.45 Asda, £1.60 Sainsbury’s, £1.60 Morrisons, £1.63 Waitrose. Anchor butter in all the supermarkets is £1.75 – £1.80, but is on multibuy at £1.50.

And remember this is not a like for like comparison on the final product. Home made, artisan, small batch, additive free butter? Yes please!

What Can Go Wrong

using the wrong cream… you need to use double cream, but extra thick works too.

making a mess… do not take your eyes off the mixer, it turns to butter very suddenly!

people will think you are much more domesticated than you really are… I won’t tell them