#PanasonicSlowJuicer Party!


July 2016 I was lucky to be selected to review a brand new juicer. The Panasonic Slow Juicer has a reduced speed motor and slow juicing does not takes longer, just means you get more juice and less waste. On my demo, we juiced half a small pineapple and got around 250ml of juice!

The process is also know as cold pressing or masticating. The slower speed makes the machine quieter than I expected and the juice does not separate when left to stand.

This is an expensive machine, RRP is £199 but if you are serious about juicing then it is well worth the investment. You need to remove skin from citrus fruits, and any hard stones from apricots, plums or peaches etc but then everything else you just chop into chunks small enough to fit into the feeding tube.

The pulp is very dry and ours will be fed to the chickens, but one of my guests did suggest you can use it in cakes for flavour. If you add a banana then you get a fab smoothie and the juicer also comes with a frozen attachment which gives you delicious pure fruit sorbets or slushes.

Cleaning was a real concern for me. If this machine was a pain to wash then it would really put me off using it. I was surprised how easy this was to clean. Everything comes apart with ease and apart from a little prodding around the pulp outlet it was really easy to wash up. I also found out on the demo that a banana would linger into the next juice if you didn’t stop and clean out the machine.


Overall I highly rate the Panasonic Slow Juicer and although it is not cheap, if you want an easy to use, easy to clean machine and are serious about juicing this could be for you.  Now off to start The Juice Diet

I was given my juicer from Come Round in exchange for the demo and review.



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