Month: May 2017

Why I am proud to be a Comper!

I have been planning on writing a post on why I enter competitions for a long time. I believe that people are not just lucky (or unlucky), you make your own luck. I have always entered a few competitions but about 11 years ago I started to take things a little more seriously and since 2013 I have been comping avidly. We have our own business and that brings in enough funds for us to live comfortably, but the extras from winning give us our days and nights out, holidays and luxuries. It is my hobby but also makes a big contribution to funding our lifestyle.

The fact is that most people will not bother to enter. Those of us that do will have as much chance as the next person of being picked as a winner. There are no set rules to how you go about it, you do what suits you. I spend about 2 hours a day entering comps and win between 12 and 24 prizes each month.  There is a great online community of compers and if you are lucky there may even be a real life group in your area. This year I have joined The Bristol Compers Club who meet every month to talk wins, competitions and motivate each other.

There is lots of info on winning competitions online which I don’t want to duplicate here. I highly recommend Superlucky Di as a place to start.

The main sites I use are MSE Forums Competition Time and Competition database .

Here are a few of my best wins:

£4320 cash Dickensons Real Deal

Leith’s Cookery Course (1 week) plus travel and accommodation

Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Holiday to Iceland/New York (£1000 Groupon travel voucher)

Weekend in Dublin and VIP tour of Guinness Storehouse

ipad Air and ipad Air 2

Kitchenaid foodmixer

Front door and back door

25 kg of cheese!

Harvey’s furniture voucher for new sofa

£500 lulu guinness spend plus lots of benefit goodies and makeover

£500 Karen Millen voucher

2 nights in Sloane Club apartment London plus show tickets

1 night in Ampersand Hotel London

1 night in Bovey Castle Hotel Devon

1 night in Oakley Court Hotel Windsor

Port Elliot Festival tickets

Bridget Jones Baby world premiere tickets

Lots of my wins are tickets for events and meals out. I never have to spend money on make-up or perfume, Christmas or birthday pressies and I am able to really treat my friends and family. In just over 4 years my prize fund has totalled over 50k.

It is such a buzz when you get a win. Entering competitions is now a way of life for me.

Be lucky xxx