Now the end is in sight! All the tin is on and it has had one coat of bitumen paint. I will do a second coat once we have finished everything else. Windows and door are in and have been painted with Sandtex grey undercoat and pillerbox red gloss. I needed to do 2 coats of gloss to get the colour right and the door inside and side window still need coat number 2. Working outside in an English summer has given me limited opportunities to get out there with my brush. This is what it looks like now.

We used the spare window section with the bottle glass in the top of the door. The main of the door was made from buying a new door and cutting it down. I didn’t want a 50/50 stable door as I wanted guests to be able to peg open the top section and still sit inside out of any wind. Very pleased with the result! Just need to fit the hook to hold the door open once the scaffold had been moved. The green tin has only just been fixed under the door so it has not been painted yet.




Inside we have finished all the wood panels and fixed fireboard around the corner where the burner will be. Collecting this tomorrow, so very excited! We are using the Typhon from Glastonbury Burners and it has a really cool oven set over the fire.


We have some very old, heavy and thick patio slabs here, reclaimed from a villager which will make the base for the fire to sit on. They will need a clean up with some brick acid but should be durable enough for any heavy handed guests. The new fire will sit to the left of the door.


The drop down table under the side window is almost finished. It is made from some old dining table spare sections and will be painted a pebble colour. I am also making some open shelving for the opposite wall from some old Hamlet pine dresser tops which will have the same paint finish. The mattress came today but for now it is being stored in the house to stop me being tempted to have a lie down. All the wall and roof wood now needs to be coated with a clear matt varnish.

Next update should show the bed built and fire fitted so for now let me leave you with the beautiful stained glass window on a wet August day in Somerset.




  1. Have just read this thread as I am looking for some inspiration to start my own build but am having difficulty in locating some things like the curved roof beams, and how thick are the timbers used in the structure and the floor, are you intending to site it or will you tow it around as I intend to do if so how did it travel have you had any problems with timber movement the list goes on and finding someone who can help is not easy

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    1. Hi Graham, The curved roof beams we cut ourselves from a very thick plywood. We checked out a local professional hut builder and they were selling them pre cut at £25 each (I think). It did work out slightly cheaper cutting ourselves. Most of the other timber was 4 x 2. I will check the ply thickness tomorrow as we have some spare. If you look back on my earlier posts there are some good photos of the work in progress. As for towing, we really will only be moving it around our field but it will road tow ok. Landrover is moving it fine, but for any distance or hills I would use a tractor with ours as it is a hefty beast. Ideally I would love a steam engine to pull it! I think to do a good job you need an old school carpenter on the project, either assisting or advising. We have the bed fitted now, I just have some internal cupboards to finish and a bit more painting, plus the steps to build. Hope to have it open for guests this Easter. Let me know how you get on with yours! Sharon

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