Just a quick update. We have achieved quite a bit in the last two weeks.

All tin is now on! My next job is to get the paint on, when we get a dry and breeze free day.

hut all tin on.jpg

We insulated the roof and sides with 4 rolls we had left over from other jobs. Here is the photo, before it gets covered up.

hut insulation 2

By spreading the word I had a tip off that some floorboards had been dumped for burning. I got permission to salvage them and spent 2 hours on a bonfire site dragging out the best ones and knocking out all the old nails. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure they would be any good as they had been ripped out quite brutally and it could have been an afternoon tidying up firewood! I filled our car with the planks, thanks to the Freelander rear window, and crossed my fingers we would have enough. This is the result and I am so pleased. They now need a sand and varnish.

After the floor, work started on lining the ceiling with tongue and groove. We are buying this new and to give you an idea of amounts, 100 meters did approx 3/4 of the ceiling! Now the ceiling is finished the walls will get the same treatment.

hut ceiling 2

My original plan was to paint this but now seeing it I am considering leaving it as the wood is so beautiful and light.

I have revamped two old cider half barrels and planted them with dwarf bamboo. These will be sited with the hut and once the plants spread out more they shouldn’t need much attention.

The windows and door will be next and I am off shopping for the woodburner, my kinda shopping xxx





  1. That is some brilliant work you have done and are still doing. Good luck hunting down the right wood burner and I agree the wood on the ceiling would be a shame to Paint. Well done Shars and Andy

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