Building our Shepherd’s Hut Part 1

This is one of our current projects. We talked about it for ages and looked at lots of options. Should we by a kit? or buy one second hand? Prices vary so much and we had a good idea of what we wanted. So we have done our own thing!

The first thing we were sure about was getting the wheels/chassis right. Lots of huts have metal wheels way to small for the job. We also wanted to utilise the skills we have so as my Dad is very handy with large, farming type mechanics…. anything with wheels and lots of metal…. we sourced a Dyson trailer hiding in a barn. We think our trailer is circa 1930’s. Lots of these were built for the MOD, then used by farmers for hay and straw haulage.  This is what it looked like when we dragged it out! You can see the tide-marks on the tyres where it was sunken into the ground.dyson trailer

My Dad was a total star with this and spent around 2 months, replacing and repairing the trailer. Some new metal work, red oxide paint,two replacement tyres and lots of wood.

So now with a wooden base fitted we brought it over to our house and waited for our local builder Phil who is fabulous with wood. I went to a local hut builder and bought all their spare tin sheets, the seconds that they can’t use. We also sourced some wooden windows from Somerset Reclamation Yard at Ston Easton. These were surprisingly hard to get as most people have upvc now. I had to send Andy in head first under some stairs to reach them. Worth it as we have one pane with a bottle glass swirl. We also have an old stained glass window, left over from an auction lot a few years ago which we are using over the bed end of the build.

The frame work went up over Easter and then the roof timbers were added. Now we can see the space we have to work with and it all becomes very real!

A waterproof membrane has been added and we now have just finished the tin on the two long sides and the roof! We have decided to go with wrapping the tin around the corners, rather than using edging strips. As soon as the wind dies down I will be painting it all black too. The wood work will be painted red to match the wheels centres.

Although we are calling this a Shepherd’s Hut it really is more like a Showman’s Wagon. We intend to build a storage locker underneath, between the two axles. What we have learned is that there really is no right or wrong way to build. All huts would have been made using whatever the farmer had access to or just lying around. Our build will be a mix of new and old, using up our and other peoples left overs where we can.

Next to source are floorboards and an old chest of drawers/sideboard. I need some deep drawers to build in under the double bed.

The plan is this hut will be one of two, this being the double and the second we build will have two adult bunks. Both will be fitted with a wood burning stove.

Any ideas for naming the hut? Please let me know.



    1. Good ideas! The glass is a art deco type flower, the sort they put above bay windows in the 30’s. Will get a photo up on next update! The place we got the trailer was in Baltonsborough, but I can’t remember the exact farm, just that the owner was George Bush…….. yes really and I don’t want to follow that line of thought 🙂


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