Month: January 2016

The one where I won £10,000 (part2)

Dave Johnston - Author

In Part 1 here, I described the breakdown of the £10,000 prize that I won.  Here, I’m going to tell you how we spent it all! ….

On the dawn of my 33rd birthday, Helen and I boarded a train from Sheffield to London.  We should have been excited, but to be honest we were a bit nervous.  (a) We weren’t used to being wined and dined in luxury; (b) We felt a bit embarrassed about the idea; (c) We still kinda thought it was a wind-up.

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The one where I won £10,000 (part1)

Fab post in 2 parts enjoy 🙂

Dave Johnston - Author


“Yes hello, is now a good time for you?”

“Ermmmm ….”

“It’s just that, you may have won a prize.  Do you remember entering a Campbell Grey competition?”

“Ermmmm ….”

“Ah, maybe I’ve got the wrong number, it’s a hotel chain?”

“I once stayed at One Aldwych in London, are you something to do with that?”

“Yes!  That’s the one.  Well, I’m pleased to inform you that out of 15,000 applicants, yours was the lucky name drawn out of the hat.”

“Oh, OK, that’s pretty cool.”

“Now, do you remember what the prize was?”

“I’m sorry, I genuinely can’t.  Was it a voucher?”

“Well, slightly better than that.  I mean, the prize’s value is £10,000 ……..”

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