WIN a Baafta for the best Welsh Lamb dish … Welsh Whizzardry

Continuing my buy British theme I have found a great competition on the Welsh Lamb website. You can find all the info here Welsh Lamb

The competition has 4 categories Sunday Boast, Midweek Masterpiece, Welsh Whizzardry and Cosmopolitan Creation.

My entry for Welsh Whizzardry is One Pot Lamb Chops. The brief is ‘the best fast Welsh Lamb recipe, dishes should appear simple, fresh and easy to make’

One Pot Lamb Chops take under 5 mins to prepare and around 90 mins to cook so throw them together when you get in from work.

4 – 6 Welsh Lamb chops

1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

2 heaped tablespoons of cranberry sauce


Place the chops flat down in the base of a casserole dish. Add the 3 sauce ingredients then put the casserole lid on or cover with foil. Cook in a low oven around gas 3-4, 325-350 F, 170-180 C for at least 90 mins.

The joy of this dish is that timing is not crucial and you get a lovely gravy, so you don’t have that to make. The lemon juice does a great job at cutting through the fat too. If you cook for longer then you may need to add a splash of boiling water to the juices to get enough gravy. The meat will slowly soak everything up get darker the longer it cooks.


I would serve with seasonal vegetables and either mashed swede or potatoes.



You could also substitute the cranberry sauce for redcurrant jelly or mint jelly. This is so easy! Let me know if you have a go.


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