Thorntons Bake Off

Thorntons, the lovely chocolate people have just launched a range of cake mixes. You can read about them on the Thorntons Blog and they have been running a promotion on their Facebook page. I applied to get a free kit and enter their Bake Off competition. This will be judged by Thorntons with the prize being the whole range of their baking kits.

thorntons cake mix

The kit is super easy, you add to the cake mix 3 eggs, vegetable oil and milk then whisk for a minute. There are some little chocolate chunks to melt in the microwave and then you stir in this melted chocolate. It is quite a runny batter mix but rises really well when cooking.

There is no filling or icing in the kit so you need to sort that out yourself. Whipped cream would be the quickest. I am not a cake mix cook as I do prefer to bake from scratch but I have to say for speed, beginners or less confident cooks these do have their place in the larder. The resulting sponge is moist and very light. I made mine in an angel ring tin and decorated with marbled dark and white chocolate.



If you haven’t tried marbling before then you just drop alternate teaspoons of melted chocolate and then spread out with the spoons. When the cake is more or less covered use a cocktail stick to drag the colours. Simple!


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