Feeling Blue

We live in Somerset and I am Somerset born and bred but Mr.M is Cornish. He is now an official minority race and although he can do a very impressive anti-Cornwall rant (in the style of Victor Meldrew) there are a few things even he misses from his homeland. Our recent trip to Bodinnick added blue hydrangeas to the list.

In our neck of the woods hydrangeas are usually pink, sometimes you see a mixed colour bush but blues are much rarer. In Cornwall they are blue everywhere. I knew it was to do with the soil acidity but I have been researching some more. The hydrangea needs aluminium in the soil to stay blue.

Crushed eggs shells, coffee grinds and citrus peel will all add aluminium as they decompose. This is good news as we have lots of eggs and coffee. I am also told cold tea works well. Chalk added to the soil and rusty nails are two more for me to try.


So yesterday I was delighted to find Lidl selling decent sized plants for £6.99 and our local store had the blues! Bought one for Mr.M and we are going to bring it on in a tub for starters and plant it out later, so I can prepare a patch with added extras to keep it nice and blue.

This summer will see operation ‘get the polytunnel up’. We have been donated an old frame from a relative who was downsizing and it is still in good condition. It is the real deal and measures 30ft by 14ft so I have a huge area of land to prepare. Hoping to make a start after this weekends rain has softened the soil. I can’t wait to have a chicken free area to grow our vegetables in!

I have entered a photo of my sunflowers in a competition and could win £100 of garden centre vouchers. Please vote for me if you use Facebook.

my home grown sunflowers, very proud of them!



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  1. Thanks for the tips on blue hydrangas, I loathe the pink ones and am hoping I can keep mine white at least. But blue is much prettier. I don’t drink coffee though, but hubby has a constant supply of rusty nails, so I’ll go for the tetanus-inspired gardening 🙂


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