Things to do with mint…How to make creme de menthe

We have a huge amount of mint growing around the field and garden. I think we have apple mint. It is the soft and fluffy one. I do the usual things like add it to new potatoes when cooking, make mint jellies and sauces for winter and we have planted lots around the chicken house as I read somewhere that it is a good mouse deterrent. A bit of recent googling gave me a couple of fresh ideas.

Firstly to pick and used as cut flowers for the house. This is brilliant! I now have a display in the lounge and bathroom. The mint tends to droop on the first day then picks back up and roots in the water so you can even plant it back outside. I am potting mine up to go in the honesty shop.


Next I found you can make your own creme de menthe. Not my first drink of choice I will admit but I then discovered that it is lovely in a hot chocolate. That’s more like it!

This is how I made it.


2 x 70cl bottles of vodka

100g of mint leaves

700ml water

400g sugar

Put the mint leaves in a large bowl and scrunch them up with your hands to release all the oils. Add with the vodka and give it a bit of a stir. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave for minimum of overnight, maximum two days. (the longer you leave it the darker colour the finished drink)

Sieve out all the mint leaves. (I used a jelly bag to catch every last drop of vodka)

Put the water and sugar in a saucepan, with a few more mint leaves if you like and bring to a simmer, stirring to make a sugar syrup. Cool and remove mint then add to the vodka. You can add some green food colouring if you like. Bottle and try to keep for around 3 months before drinking. You should end up with 3 x 70cl bottles.

Let me know how you get on!




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